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Cloud Enablement & Integration services allow you to gain a clear point of view about how and where the cloud fits within your organization. With more and more enterprise applications and services migrating to the cloud, integration becomes a mission-critical priority. There are several licensed and trial versions of the cloud platforms, tools, frameworks, and software that provide an actual, real-time access to the overall business data and metrics as-a-service. Integration with the help of web services and plug-ins has given new dimensions to cloud computing, providing cross-platform independence to application development.


  • Real Time visibility to all business data
  • Increased flexibility and scalability
  • Cost-effective due to pay-per-use utilization
  • Reduced complexity due to device and location independence
  • Virtualization and multitenancy providing ease of use on mobile devices
  • Seamless integration of personal networks on social networking sites
  • Reduced labor hours to manage and maintain hardware and software devices
  • Third-party clouds that maintain, manage and deliver a wide range of services
  • Support for wider range of devices
  • Scalable up and down with latest version supported and available
  • Enhanced and accelerated business processes due to interoperability and openness


Why Intelliswift?


  • Comprehensive alignment of IT with business goals
  • Precise business integration solutions increasing productivity
  • Operational efficiency by development, testing and deployment of custom applications
  • Enterprise-grade solutions and services from end-users to customer-support
  • Multi-platform client support
  • Cloud deployment flexibility

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