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Increase Efficiency And Optimize
Cost With Intelliswift’s Comprehensive
Automation Framework (ICAF)



Automation tools & frameworks help increase efficiency, reduce human errors & optimize cost. ICAF, Intelliswift's Comprehensive Automation Framework, provides you an end-to-end solution across platforms, processes & devices.

Key Features

  • Reduces automation cost by over 25%
  • API Automation enables AppDev TDD approach for left shift in quality, saves CoQ by 40% for MicroServices/Rest implementation
  • Improves speed to market by over 40%
  • Achieves more than 85% automation coverage, across Multi-lingual support, DB verification, multi environment, multi browser and devices.


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ICAF Shared Components

Test Results & Metrics

  • Reliable quality metrics keeping pace with fast iterations & continuous testing as in Agile
  • Requirement coverage metrics showing tests aligned with user stories
  • Customizable HTML report with stepwise run details
  • Capability to compare with last run per agile iterations
  • Integration with Log4J
  • Tests passed/ failed percentage, defects distribution & density, total test duration to quantify the test results
  • Defect injection rate, defects per build/release after regression test

DB Verification

  • Shared DB verification for API & UI checkpoints
  • Validation of transactions in DB per business flow performed through API & UI layer
  • Support for various DB viz., Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
  • Automated test data setup & data clean-up for each run
  • Enable/Disable DB validation in test environment


  • Business flow transformed into validation in the form of plain text
  • Designed feature file for all test scenarios per business flow
  • Readability power of BDD language guarantees the clarity of scenarios. e.g. Gherkin support
  • Code reuse using ‘Given’, ‘When’, ‘Then’ steps in step definition
  • Step definitions with parameterization
  • BDD Frameworks: Cucumber, Spock, SpecFlow etc,

Test Data & Shared Components

  • Common field-level validations
  • Test data setup in CSV, JSON, XLS, DB forms
  • Multi-lingual support, Google Translator
  • Shared libraries for UI & API testing such as Apache POI, JavaCSV, SQL Connection, Apache Log4j Assertions, Extent Report

CI/CD & Smart Execution

  • Faster release cycle & better resource utilization
  • Automated build & validation process through Sanity & Smoke Test Suite of critical business scenario
  • Regression Test Suite with flexible execution options for periodic run to ensure the environment stability
  • Risk mitigation of frequent deployments for defect fixing tools Jenkins, CircleCI, TeamCity, GitLab

API Automation

API Automation

UI Automation

UI Automation

Batch Automation

Batch Automation

Mobile Automation

Mobile Automation
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