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User Experience versus User Interface – which comes first?

by Admin 21 October,2015

User Experience or usability engineering are umbrella phrases that refer to the collective aspects of information architecture and interaction. While UI, also known as User Interface, is mainly specialized in front-end designing. An elite class website conceives the crucial fine-tuning of this dual element in order to engage the maximum amount of users.

The gap between UI & UX

The nitty-gritties of developing a sophisticated website are not dependent on large volume of content and graphics, but the most important aspect of designing is ease of use: making an enhancement in the usability of your website.

An in-depth study of the subject will reveal the various levels of interconnections between these two terms. As a matter of fact, users often confuse between the sensitive categorization between UI and UX. In this article, we will articulate the various disciplines that set the pattern of designing the UI apart from designing the UX.

UI & UX – Design and development

We all know the idea behind designing a stunning website; not the intricate work of coding, but we’re talking about the creative aspect of it. In this article, we’re going to dissect the fine thread to granular level and learn some of the most important benchmarks that help in differentiating UI from UX.

Elements of the UX

User Experience is often characterized as a more cognitive approach of designing a system. That being said, it could be nowhere related to what we understand by the traditional “designing”.

  • UX can encompass an array of disciplines, from problem inception to prototyping
  • UX is the overall experience with the use of a software product
  • UX is a multi-faceted concept
  • UX is somewhat influenced by User Interface
  • UX is not confined to the devices used by an user, but also his/her state of mind

Elements of the UI

User Interface can be achieved with tangible components such as tools and frameworks.

  • UI is responsible for the look and feel of your website
  • UI is a combination of visual design that a person or a system views and interacts with
  • UI deals with the view, navigation, transition, and other particulars that involve an app, page, or other interactive media
  • UI is the output derived from frameworks/code
  • UI is a by-product of UX

Leveraging the features of quality interaction with UI & UX

A standardized definition of where and how to focus while developing your website is set in no stone. However, we can enumerate the factors concerning your website’s success, and whether that coincides with the UI front or UX.

  • Clear navigation An attractive and guided browsing experience can be created by good UI design. UX has relatively small role to play with this feature as it deals with the final layers of web designing.
  • Ease of use This feature is fabricated in a step-by-step order in the skeleton of a website. The user should be guided to his/her desired information as effortlessly as possible. This can be achieved with field research, usability testing, and prototyping; all of which is a part of UX.
  • User engagement A result achieved by leveraging research on target users and applying the derived result into designing. It is a component of UX.
  • Responsiveness Designing cross-platform websites is a must in today’s mobile-focused world. This feature relies heavily on the UI.

UI and UX designing, unitedly, is an integral part for the development of any website. UX encompasses the underlying implementations of a system and is not limited to the appearance. The appearance is created with UI. All in all, UX is a user’s entire experience with a system. Hence, we can deduce that UX qualifies as the more important field, but UI is just closely behind.

Putting together information and showing it correctly is a critical job in any user collaboration system. For example, if a mobile app is housing a lot of unnecessary data on its landing page, then it may affect user’s experience. Combining solid UX with stunning visuals and effective interaction is a powerful way to capture user’s interest.

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