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PhoneGap App Development

by Admin 15 June,2016

Enterprise mobile app development is making its breakthrough in the consumer software world with platform specific native UI frameworks- and PhoneGap takes it a step further. Adobe’s PhoneGap creates cross-platform compatible mobile apps almost instantaneously just by wrapping up HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code, which creates a vast sandbox for developers to be productive.Introduction to PhoneGap

First developed by Nitobi, Inc., PhoneGap quickly took the mobile app development industry by storm with its superior quality interface designing, rendering and dynamic operability. It creates hybrid mobile apps capable of harnessing platform-specific characteristics by using its underlying Web View rendering and plugins to extend the features of a platform’s native UI framework.

PhoneGap sports the ability to optimize and speed up the delivery of engaging mobile app experiences by significantly minimizing the time for development. In this article, we’ll understand the benefits of PhoneGap and discover its unique features that make native mobile app development a thing of the past.

PhoneGap supports a wide variety of platforms, such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7 and 8, BlackBerry 5.x+, WebOS, Symbian, Bada, Tizen, Ubuntu Touch, and Firefox OS.

PhoneGap versus Native apps

PhoneGap is staying ahead of the curve of regular hybrid app development frameworks by showcasing its cost-effective, robust framework. PhoneGap draws a good deal of developer interest as it comes with support from the Apple App Store.

Mobile applications can be produced using native or hybrid frameworks. Hybrid frameworks offer more flexibility by leveraging a feature called ‘wrapping’ that uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript; allowing the resulting app to become platform independent. Let’s explore what is setting PhoneGap apart from its native counterparts.

  • PhoneGap’s hybrid app development technology stack offers appealing cost-effective methodologies to reduce the expenses of cross-platform app development.
  • PhoneGap Build offers seamless compiling of apps in the cloud. It does the work for you in its widely compatible environments, namely, iOS, Windows, Android, etc.
  • ‘Build once and debug everywhere’ lessens repetitive development efforts for each of the platforms.
  • PhoneGap offers faster development and deployment of apps.
  • Easy yet powerful maintainability and support from frameworks such as KendoUI, jQuery mobile, Ionic.
  • Better security, resources, and debugging options enable PhoneGap to surpass ordinary hybrid frameworks.
  • PhoneGap’s adaptive framework is good for agile app development.
  • PhoneGap can offer a large variety of functionalities by extending itself with native plugins in order to design complicated interfaces. A walkthrough of PhoneGap apps 
  •  PhoneGap’s immersive technology stack is helping technocrats reimagine the development of hybrid app systems. The technology bridges the gap between web applications and mobile devices by simplifying a great deal of development workload within a fixed timeline. Moreover, it was downloaded over 1 Million times and is being used by over 400,000 developers worldwide. This is a clear projection of how successful this hybrid mobile development framework is. Let’s view some of the features offered by PhoneGap:
  • Building apps are now easy with the first class development methods powered by PhoneGap. The framework is constantly evolving with a broad and active community backing each release.
  • Efficiently maximizing performance and minimizing production time by focusing a single codebase to iOS, Android, and Windows app development.
  • No hassle of maintaining native SDKs that limits you to building a single-platform app at a time.PhoneGap’s well-structured cloud service, PhoneGap Build, builds apps on the fly with the most up-to-date SDK for the targeted platform.
  • PhoneGap Build employs collaboration features to accelerate development cycles. Creating members and roles with PhoneGap’s interactive interface simplify project management between teams.
  • This cross-platform framework enables fast prototyping using standard web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
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