5 Tips for Hiring the Best IT Talent

The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reported that the IT unemployment rate is 3.9%, a staggeringly low rate that identifies those working in technology to be operating in a world where their skills are strongly valued and highly sought after. For organizations, a 3.9% tech unemployment rate means that recruitment teams need to work harder than ever before to attract, engage and retain top tech talent. Our staffing and recruiting experts have shared top 5 tips for hiring the best IT talent:

  1. Make talent a priority
    To source candidates with the right skill set and experience required for a job, managers must plan in advance. When tech teams wait until it is extremely urgent to find a talent, they often end up compromising on the quality of hire in order to save the project’s deadline. Considering it takes an average of 42 days to fill a position, it is recommended to give hiring partners sufficient amount of time before the talent is needed in order to source the market’s best talent for your team.
  2. Have a sourcing strategy
    Top Echelon’s State of the Recruiting Industry Report notes that only 9.5% of talent, a strikingly low percentage, comes from job boards. In a candidate-driven tech talent market, hiring managers need to have a solid sourcing strategy to source high-caliber talent. Hiring managers should source talent from two angles:
    • Utilize talent networks:
      Nearly half of talent comes from referrals which poses as an opportunity for hiring managers with the biggest network and the best relationships to discover talent by tapping into their current talent sources. It’s highly likely that the talent knows other people in the field with similar skills who might be open to a new role.
    • Host competitions:
      The biggest tech companies like Facebook use hackathons not only to source talent, but also to discover new technologies to help advance their organization. After all, if you’re talented enough to create the “Like” button for Facebook during a hackathon, you’re good enough to be a big player on their team. Top programmers enjoy to be challenges, so competitions such as a company-wide hackathon attracts good talent.
  3. Be the best sales person
    With multiple offers at their fingertips, in today’s time, the tech candidates don’t need to sell themselves to hiring managers for the job, hiring managers need to sell the job to the candidates. Package the sales pitch well to candidates by highlighting exciting points of the project such as leadership responsibilities, working with new technologies and competitive pay. Candidates will be enticed to learn more about the role.
  4. Move fast
    In today’s era of talent shortage, tech candidates have multiple options at all times and hiring managers need to act quickly in order to retain quality candidates. Be transparent about every step of the interview and hiring process so that candidates continue to stay engaged by knowing the status of their candidature.
  5. Treat hiring teams as a partner, not a vendor
    Recruitment firms help organizations stay competitive in their race to hire top talent and have immediate access to the pools of the market’s best tech talent, enabling them to quickly source and place the type of candidates tech teams are looking for. As a result, recruitment firms shorten the time to hire and provide straight bottom line savings.

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