Bilingual (Parivartan)

Interface Software for generating Hindi Output from Core Banking System (CBS)

Almost all organizations are constantly looking towards increasing their customer base. Reaching out to customers interacting with different languages poses a problem. Therefore Multi-lingual application development is on the rise.

Intelliswift Bilingual services consists of Bilingual application development, Banking translation services, Core Banking System (CBS) Bilingual systems, and Bilingual banking services. We have successfully implemented Bilingual Banking solutions at an oldest Bank in the country making it one of the top Bilingual Nationlised Bank. Our Bilingual software development business unit develops bilingual applications with the help of our resources’ talent nurtured at Intelliswift. We have also mastered the technicalities of integrating with third party applications to generate accurate outputs from CBS Bilingual systems. You can engage our resources to work dedicatedly on your Bilingual application development project or use our staffing/resources models to hire resources for your own organization.


  • Web based secure application which runs on SSL
  • Single sign on feature with Core Banking System (CBS)
  • Alignment of reports as per printer’s requirement
  • Works on the basis of translation / transliteration and centralized dictionary with maker-checker concept for dictionary updates
  • Capable of providing MIS reports related to usage of the system
  • Admin console to manage mapping of the words/sentences with corresponding Hindi word/sentence
  • Capable of interfacing with other systems like Email, Net Banking, Loans, HRMS and more, for similar purpose


  • Secured and Centrally maintained application on intranet / internet, hence all upgrades and updates can be managed centrally
  • Single sign on feature allows you to login through Core Banking System (CBS) login ID and hence all branches spread across become bilingual complaint
  • Translation and transliteration
  • Centralized dictionary with maker-checker concept of updates
  • MIS reports for Audit trails
  • Hindi editor to customize and send personalized communication to target audience
  • Not only Core Banking System (CBS), other systems like HRMS, Loans, Net Banking, ASBA, and more, can also interfaced for bilingual output


  • Passbook Updates
  • Printing of Statement of Accounts
  • Maturity details of deposits
  • Return memo for cheques
  • List of cheques issued
  • Acceptance letters for loans
  • Reminder letters
  • Thanks letter for account opening
  • Thanks letter to introducer
  • Populate Suggestions (Hindi words while typing / wrong entries) on Real-time basis (Dictionary)
  • Phonetic typing (keystrokes) - (Hindi Editor)

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