Intelliswift’s Digital Transformation Accelerators

Intelliswift’s unique solutions are secure, scalable and modern – designed to deliver value, accelerate your digital transformation and reduce costs.

Koios is a multi-tenant and cloud-deployable platform that is a highly smart, self-sufficient, and AI-powered tool that is always-agile and always-on.


iCAN is a cloud adoption navigator composed of methodologies, models, and tools to help businesses navigate their cloud journey in the most efficient manner.


Conversion Factory+ converts legacy data to a secure hybrid cloud infrastructure to power continuous background conversion analytics and insights.



A letter from our Leadership

The world is battling against an unprecedented situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent global lockdown. Our hearts go out to everyone impacted directly or indirectly by the disease and we earnestly pray for the safety and well-being of their families.

Our immense gratitude is with the healthcare workers and first responders on the frontlines of this crisis. We shall remain grateful for the commitment, resilience, empathy, and compassion shown by our employees, customers, partners, and communities.

We are hoping that the pandemic gets under control soon and we can all get back to business as usual. Meanwhile, stay positive with the new working norms; stay safe and take care!

Surej KP, President

COVID-19 Tips for Client Engagement

Supporting the Fight against COVID-19

Intelliswift pledges to donate to hospitals fighting COVID-19 along with aid to low-income communities and families


Together We Are Resilient

Intelliswift set an exemplary model of communal service by providing care for the Santa Clara Medical Center, Kaiser in Fremont’s ER department and other Bay Area Hospitals during the COVID 19 pandemic. Some of the departments that were hit the hardest in the Bay Area were the Respiratory and ER departments. Providing the food packets and care kits to the hospitals and the underprivileged communities was a small effort by Intelliswift to create a path to follow and uplift the brave deed of #healthcareheroes.


Women Leadership Tackling the Crisis


In this current work from home environment, hyper-focus, motivation, communication, creativity, adaptability and collaboration are paramount!

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During this time of uncertainty, the character for all organizations is tested.

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Whenever the shadow of uncertainty prevails, technology emerges as a boon. The situation of Covid-19 is no exception.

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My transition while working remotely has been as smooth as it could possibly be and I would like to give thanks to our loyal client base

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Establishing a daily routine in this unprecedented crisis was definitely an overwhelming task

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Let’s face it. This has been an adjustment all the way around, especially for those of us who have highly people-centric roles.

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Tides and ebbs are part of life but the flow never ceases to exist; similar is the story of our Talent Acquisition team.

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Challenges and Response to Covid 19

Thought Leadership Blogs

Empowering Enterprises With Actionable Insights

By Ramki Sundararaman - VP of Data & BI

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COVID 19- Plan your self learning

By Sanketh Krishnappa - Director, Digital Transformation

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ABM and its relevance in the post COVID era

By Nivedita Chakraborty - Director, Marketing

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Employee engagement

Building a positive, team-family spirit is core to Intelliswift. The Covid-19 outbreak is reshaping all aspects of work and play in the workplace. Intelliswift has implemented fun social hours to engage and enable all the employees to socialize virtually. The idea is to motivate remote working employees who miss interacting with each other outside their work related meetings and conversations due to the Covid-19 situations. This is a great initiative by Team Intelliswift to revive those unplanned random breakroom or corridor conversations with cross-department groups. All the Intelliswiftians grab their favorite drink and join this virtual coffee session to bond and laugh with one another.

An Intelliswiftian's take on Covid Wellness Program


Intelliswift initiated the Wellness Program Campaign where employees are invited to share their blogs and experiences on Covid pandemic situation and subsequent lockdown. Besides motivating the writing skill of every employee, this wellness program allowed the employees to share the lockdown related news, wellness regime, pros and cons of remote learning and working and ways to tackle the crisis. It is a great endeavour by team Intelliswift to share care and concern for each other at this tough time.

Remote Learning during the Pandemic

Data Management and AnalyticsBy Ramki Sundararaman - VP of Data & BI

Remote learning is the only way to stay updated while working from home during the lockdown. Our Data Management and Analytics webinar illustrated data management approaches, best practices, solutions and technologies to maintain business continuity during the COVID 19 situations.

Cloud Advisory and ConsultingBy Prasenjit Dan - VP of Cloud & Data Engineering

The pandemic and subsequent lockdown boosted the scopes of digital and remote learning to its extreme high. Our Cloud Advisory and Consulting webinar explains how the cloud services offer competitive advantage to the enterprises by providing the most innovative and advanced technology.

Cloud Methodology & ApproachBy Prasenjit Dan - VP of Cloud & Data Engineering

This comprehensive webinar on Cloud Methodology offered guidance and best practices for the development of cloud-based services and infrastructures. Relevant theoretical frameworks, practical approaches, and suggested methodologies were discussed in this one hour long remote learning session.