Hindi Passbook Printing

Here's the ultimate solution for printing your passbook in Hindi.

This module of Hindi Passbook Printing offers you solution for Bilingual printing of contents (mainly Particulars) in passbook.

Every transaction is printed in our National language (Hindi) and in Global language (English).

Most of the commonly used English patterns in Passbook's 'Particulars' column are mapped in Hindi which gives perfect transliteration.

This module handles very smartly and intelligently commonly used words which are used in passbook and are maintained in our library/dictionary with the patterns controlled programatically.

This module also provides re-printing option for the transactions, wherein, reprinting is required in cases when printing is incorrectly done or the passbook is jammed in the printer or is not working. Feature of printing from the last printed transaction row is provided in this module.

Extremely user-friendly UI module with easy readability of passbook contents.

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Hindi Account Statement

Bilingual printing of your Customer's transaction details.

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Hindi Letter Printing

For stronger bonding and attachment with your customers and to build a strong relationship, here's a module where you can type different type of letters in HINDI.

The Hindi Letter Printing module can also be used for inter-bank communication or any type of letter writing. eg. Bilingual formats of Letters such as Thank You letters to New Account Holder and his Introducer.

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Hindi Dictionary

Your Admin can maintain the words in Dictionary. We shall pre-populate your dictionary with RBI's English-Hindi Banking Glossary. Operations such as Search, Add new word, Edit and Delete word from Dictionary possible.

Hindi Editor

A free formatted Rich Text Editor to type anything and everything in Hindi, with multiple formatting options. Eg. Letters, Reminders to your Customers, etc.

System Audit Trail

Track who has accessed what section, when and from where (captures IP address and the Browser used).